Never have I ever cried so much in my entire life. Today, I moved to the big city in the middle of the desert. Somewhere that seemed unfamiliar even though I’ve been several times before. I feel like this is where everything in my life changes, and positivity is the ultimate super power to get me through the quickly coming future.

Saying goodbye to my family was heart breaking, they’re the glue to my ever unfolding life. The love and support from them is what has gotten me this far, and I’m not about to let them down. So here goes..

Rule number 1 which I learnt within the first half hour of my journey to Dubai was, Holla! at your colleagues to be, because all of a sudden I had about 12 best friends, a whole row of seats to my self and unlimited ice cream. I felt an immediate rush of support and comfort, they couldn’t answer my questions fast enough, and trust me I had hundreds.

The whole airport experience was quite daunting because you’re trying your absolute hardest to please and impress anyone who may be of importance. So it was smiles all round, extra nodding of the head (you know, so you look engaged) and thinking of a relevant question that might give you some brownie points. In fairness to my ‘swot’ approach I’m here to learn, work hard and gain every inch of experience I can possibly swallow.

Next Up! There’s no picking your room mate, but after all at least you’ve got one thing in common.. the same job! Katy is from Poland, she’s 29 and first impressions are great. So, so far so good for me, and my new adventure.

Nicola x




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