Adopt A New Culture..

I spent months dreading the moment when I’d lay on my bed with no one to talk to and all that was left to do was sleep. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It was unusual that I felt quite at home living with a stranger amongst foreign surroundings. But I felt a sense of relief, after almost 9 months since I applied to be a cabin crew member I was finally here.

Al Nahda > Union > Al Ghurair Centre

The only way I can describe the heat out here, is when you go to dry your hands at a hand dryer. Imagine that constant warmth on your hands.. now imagine that feeling everywhere. I’ve never sweat so much doing absolutely nothing. Nevertheless a trip to the mall was in order, an opportunity to be independent and see what was close by. So myself and my new roommate hit the metro.

As I was standing at the platform I noticed posters warning men that particular carriages are designated for women and children only and a Dh100 (which is around £20) fine would take effect immediately. This baffled me! For what reason? I couldn’t even believe these kind of rules still existed. Little to my knowledge, after some careful research I discovered authorities put the law in place to protect women’s privacy during their daily commute. During busy periods the metro carriages can become overcrowded, the law has been put in place so during these times so women feel comfortable and their culture is respected. However, an article by The National UAE, from 2015, reported that almost 100 men were fined daily on the metros in Dubai. This suggests although the law is in place unfortunately not all men are respecting it.


-Misbehaving acts such as putting feet of seats and eating and drinking in areas where it is not allowed will result in a Dh100 fine.

-Using an expired or invalid card, spitting, littering or performing any other act which would compromise the cleanliness of the metro will result in a Dh200 fine.

-Passengers sleeping in passenger shelters will receive a Dh300 fine.

-The usage of a counterfeit card will cost passengers Dh500.

Other larger fines involve carrying hazardous weapons or vandalising the metro. Hopefully anyone with any sense wouldn’t commit any of these offences in order to respect Dubai’s law and culture.   

Nicola x


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