Dancing Like Fountains

So with the first week complete it was definitely time to pop a bottle, eat some good food, socialise with some like minded people and get a sweat on the dance floor. So thats exactly what I did.

Obviously new to the area it was pot luck picking out a restaurant, but somewhere overlooking one of the biggest attractions in the world seemed like a good idea. We opted for a pan-Asian restaurant called Karma Kafé which was excellent. I couldn’t fault the food, drink or service and especially not the terrace we sat on straining our necks to look up at the Burj Khalifa because it’s literally huge (well obviously, it is the tallest building in the world). The terrace over looked a magnificent fountain display where the water ‘danced’ in time to the music, it was incredible.

Our weekend starts on a Thursday and Thursday night is ladies night so we hit Crystal which is a nightclub situated at the top of a pyramid shaped hotel. It was so good to finally just let our hair down and see everyone else in normal clothes. It felt like such a familiar atmosphere, almost like I could’ve left at the end of the night and walked onto the streets of Manchester.

Nicola x



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