“It’s not all chicken or beef and red lipstick”

I have a new found respect for cabin crew, it is unbelievable how much information they need to learn and adopt in the working environment. Week one of the ‘dreaded SEP’ (Safety and Emergency Procedures), you hear about it from the beginning but it’s difficult to actually imagine the level of difficulty it acquires.

Trust me I somehow managed to complete a degree but this is intense, there’s so much information to accumulate in such a short space of time. Although I have to admit, I’m finding the information interesting and engaging which makes the 3.30am gets up a little easier. I don’t even need to shut my curtains because I’m awake before the sun rises. It seems abnormal to be able to start functioning at such an early hour, but that’s within the culture and I suppose the job.

I’ve flown on planes hundreds of times but some of the procedures we’ve been taught just never crossed my mind. I suppose I never used to take too much notice of why cabin crew did certain things. It’s a shame some people have a certain perception of cabin crew and associate the profession with a lack of knowledge or ability to do something which may require a wider skill set. 

It’s early days yet but there’s so much practical and theoretical examinations to come and I’ve heard your social life goes out the window, sleep is a luxury, and safety and emergency procedures becomes your life. I’m yet to find out I guess.

Nicola x



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