There’s No Smoke Without Fire

We’re preparing for the most extreme emergency cases onboard and fighting fire is definitely one of them. I didn’t actually realise a shocking amount of people still try, sometimes succeeding, to smoke a cigarette on board an aircraft. To me that’s a crazy thought, smoke, fire, plane. Not exactly elements that go well together when you’re travelling at 35,000 feet. Nevertheless it happens, so we’ve got to prepare for it.

What I love about training is everything we learn we actually get to physically practice. I’m a creative and I learn through experience and through physical activities. In an exam I won’t refer back to a book, I’ll replay what I actually practiced. Obviously not everyone learns like this but that’s completely fine because during training there’s a mixture of learning techniques.

The whole class put on their boiler suits and paraded down to the fire fighting room where we faced real fires. Yes, if I’m being completely honest they could’ve been extinguished on demand but nevertheless they were completely real.

During the drill we had to shout the command “I need back-up” to indicate to other members of crew we had identified a fire and we needed help fighting it. For some reason everyone laughed at my northern accent when I said the word ‘back-up’. It wasn’t until then I realised me accent isn’t actually normal to others, and I say things weird too. I got stick for it all day, me and my northern accent. It’s actually nice to work with people from all over the world because you realise we’re all a bit weird to one another.

Nicola x



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