Catching Up On Fashion Week

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve been using social media to keep up with Fashion Week, but it’s become almost impossible as I’m trying to prioritise whats important right now. However, one collection that really caught my eye and is extremely relevant to my latest relocation was designer Anniesa Hasibuan at New York Fashion Week. It was a first for fashion week to see all the models in one show wearing hijabs with every look. Bloggers and fashion enthusiasts made statements about the show through social media such as “history was made tonight”. 

For three years I studied International Fashion Promotion, at Manchester Metropolitan University. Fashion is a hobby of mine and I feel excited and passionate about creative fashion direction and love to explore the latest styles and trends. It’s refreshing to see something different which isn’t usually considered high fashion in the western world. In addition to being unique, the fabrics and colours used throughout the spring/summer ’17 collection were so fresh with such bold embellishment. I’m already a huge fan and can’t wait to see what next season’s collection will bring. 

Anniesa Hasibuan .jpg

You can always expect to see something incredible from Moschino each season. The creative elements in both Jeremy Scott’s designs and the show itself are always mind blowing. He always creates an outstanding show which generates discussion and hype amongst fashion enthusiasts. We often see his celebrity friends wearing his designs to exclusive events. Model of the moment Gigi Hadid and her younger sister Bella Hadid are two of those famous faces, particularly in the fashion industry, but more recently in the celebrity sector to grace the catwalk in Milan.

Moschino completely took it back to what felt like my childhood, playing with barbie dolls and cutting out the paper dresses from the magazines, then using the paper tabs to temporarily attach them to the paper doll’s bodies. The garments actually looked alive, it was such a unique approach to the spring/summer ’17 collection. Jeremy Scott tends to play on the modern-day consumer and incorporate what he thinks this is into his designs. Back in his autumn/winter ’14 collection he mimicked brands such as McDonalds, Budweiser and animated character Spongebob Square Pants. Forever taking the controversial approach, Jeremy Scott’s collections always create a buzz and conversation within the fashion industry, I’m a huge fan!

Gigi Hadid walking in Milan Fashion Week for Moschino.

Bella .jpg

Younger Sister of Gigi, Bella Hadid, walking in Milan Fashion Week for Moschino.

Nicola x


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