Jump And Slide


Have you ever seen someone look so happy to be evacuating an aircraft?

So we’ve learnt how to open a door in an emergency situation but now we actually need to get the passengers out of the aircraft, and down the emergency escape slide. All week I was dying to give it a go, I love roller coasters and things which turn up your adrenaline a notch or two. Ok, the slide wasn’t that big but it beats sitting in a classroom all day.


Hopefully I’ll never have to actually evacuate an aircraft and need to use one of these, but if I ever do I feel pretty prepared.

We also got to practice a ditching situation so it was off with the red lipstick, up with the buns and down into the water. Again I hope I’ll never have to actually do this in real life but it’s important to know. One by one we slid down onto the raft and practiced putting a roof over our head. After all if we ditch in the middle of the sea and we’re camping over night we’re going to need some sort of roof over our head (again, praying this will never happen).



Trying to inflate lifejackets that don’t even inflate.. my face is a picture!

Nicola x


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