Reaching A Mile Stone

It’s finally the end of SEP and I managed to pass all my exams. I couldn’t be happier that the 3.30am alarms are set forward a couple of hours and I can go home and enjoy a guilt free nap. The rumours you hear before beginning SEP are kind of true, but people do a fantastic job in trying to frighten the life out of you.

If I could give myself any sort of advice two and a half weeks ago it would just be to

-Work hard

-Ask questions

-Eat well

-Revise each night 

-But do something stress relieving too 

It is hard work but also very interesting not to mention extremely necessary.

I can’t even describe the relief when I saw 88% on the computer screen considering 80% was the pass grade. It wasn’t one of my best scores but the feeling was good. Waiting for that percentage to load felt similar to the suspense waiting to find out if I passed my driving test, or getting my degree result. It was just relief, pure relief. This weekend is going to be a good one and I can’t wait.

Nicola x



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