Living For The Weekend

I’ve been living in the city for over a month now and it honestly feels like a lifetime. I’m still talking to my family almost everyday and keeping in touch with most of my friends. Although I’m missing the familiar nights out in the UK, it’s exciting to explore new bars and clubs with new friends. The whole experience is surreal and I don’t think anything can prepare you for it, not even going to university.

It almost feels like not everyone has settled yet and people are still trying to figure out who they have common connections with, so we’re still spending the weekends in our big group trying to please everyone. Which, as you can imagine is kind of difficult.

I had the best time though, and it was proven you can literally be anywhere, it’s the people who you’re with that really make it count. Thursdays are ladies night so we went to Crystal club for a few drinks on the house then headed to a club called Billionaire which was so much fun. The atmosphere was incredible, everyone was having a good time and the music was right up my street. When we finally left at around 4am the only thing on my mind was food. I’ve heard people rave about how good McDonalds is here but I still hadn’t tried one until this weekend and oh my god it was unreal! I even bought another the next day, thats how good it was, so I highly recommend. All the restaurants in Dubai and I’m actually recommending a McDonalds, but honestly it was incredible.


I’m actually struggling with the food here, everything I seem to cook just doesn’t taste right. I’m not really feeling at home as I’m still in temporary accommodation which is a hotel/ apartment, and although it’s clean and spacious it just has that hotel feel. I love eating meat but I’ve just been totally put off it because it tastes very different when I cook it. As well, I’ve been warned about the ‘Dubai stone’ which is a common stone most people gain as cabin crew so I’m trying to watch what I eat.. obviously minus those two double cheese burgers from McDonalds. 

I actually woke up with my first proper hangover since being here and it didn’t feel good, I almost forgot that it’s what happens when you drink excessive amounts. But I powered through and made it to the beach for music, food and a nap on the sand. As always I was in hope of a sun tan but that literally seems impossible at this time of year because the weather is so humid and clammy. I miss the Spanish sun, sipping sangria daily.

Nicola x



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