How To Save A Life – The Fray

Another week, another set of trainers, another topic to learn and another exam to study for. Group Medical Training, all the basic knowledge we will need to know incase of a medical emergency onboard the aircraft. Just writing that freaks me out. I have a few friends who work as nurses back home, and I always praise them for their work because I know I’m just not cut out for that kind of thing. Obviously like I said it is pretty basic but also super important and 100% necessary if I want to continue as cabin crew.

The early mornings were a little bit later which made it a tiny bit easier to stay awake throughout the day. Each day we learnt something new and I actually found it so interesting. Learning the terminology for medications, and when it is appropriate to distribute them, panicked me a little bit. It scared me to think the decisions I make in a medical emergency, or even just a medical situation which isn’t that server lays solely on my back. I want to ensure I’m as prepared as possible, so if something happened where I was expected to perform it would come as second nature.

At the end of the week we finished off with a 50 question, multiple choice exam which was described by previous batches as ‘easy’. I’m not going to lie, I’m definitely one of those people who needs to revise in masses amounts to even come close to a passing grade. I’ve always been like that and I’ve learnt to just accept it. I’m certainly not one of those who can just ‘wing it’. So the pressure was on.

When people took great pleasure in telling me the exam was easy I panicked even more. I thought to myself if I do fail that’s going to be extremely embarrassing. Everyone has said it’s so easy, and my first language is English, and the exams are in English, so imagine if I didn’t pass and others did? Afterwards though I realised it’s not really that important how everyone else does, as long as I pass. There’s so many different nationalities and I find it incredible that they all manage to pass the exams when there is so much terminology to learn that I don’t even know as an English speaker. Respect to them because I can’t speak any another languages and some of them know three or four.

In the end I passed another week and another exam and it was such a relief once again. The weekend was upon me and I couldn’t wait.

Nicola x



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