Now You Know Where I Belong

Finally I’m wearing one of the most globally recognised uniforms in the world. I feel so proud of myself. The 2nd September, where this all started, seems like a lifetime ago. I could barely recognise my batch mates, everybody looked so smart.


Now that I’m into my 6th week, a day learning about the brands image and uniform takes place. The things you learn regarding the actual brand are very precise. Since I studied International Fashion Promotion at university, I feel as though I have some background knowledge in the importance of a brands image. I strongly agree that it’s important to reinforce particular rules indicating what’s acceptable and what’s not. For example, if airlines allowed cabin crew to wear nail varnish, without specifying exactly what colours are acceptable, there would always be one individual who would step over the line. Someone would appear sporting a set of luminous, traffic cone, orange stiletto acrylic nails.. and lets face it thats not an image a global company want to portray. So I completely understand.

When you see cabin crew walking through the airport dressed in unison it creates such a strong, jaw dropping effect. The trainers say people from all over the world approach you asking if they can take a picture with you, I think that’s incredible.

During image and uniform we also learnt a little bit about food and nutrition. Since I arrived in Dubai I’ve been hitting the gym 3-5 times a week and eating the best that I can (minus the weekends where I go a little crazy). The months leading up to my departure to Dubai I wasn’t working out, I became quite lazy and spent a lot of time eating and drinking out with friends. This was partially to celebrate my new career, but no one needs 25 leaving meals that begin three months before leaving do they? So it’s fair to say I gained a few pounds and I’m trying to loose them and maybe some more. But during image and uniform the trainers were trying to recommend that exercise and a heathy diet makes all the difference to your health, appearance and mood, which is extremely important in this job. I intend to try my best to watch what I eat and continue to exercise regularly. Watch me over the coming months eating my words.. literally!

Nicola x




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