Paris sil’vous plait

This week has just been the most surreal week of my life. I’ve flown to Jeddah and Paris and it’s a relief to say I loved it. This job is so unpredictable, of course in a good way, but even after training you just don’t know wether or not you’re going to really love it.

I just remember feeling this excitement as I greeted passengers onto the plane. My cheeks were hurting because I was grinning that much. Customers had a level of respect towards me which was very pleasant because it immediately set a positive tone to the flight.

My flight to Jeddah was very short so I found it difficult to bond with other members of crew and really be able to excel my learning capabilities. Nevertheless I got stuck in and tried my best. I much preferred the longer flight to Paris because there was more time for mistakes and questions so I felt as though I learnt far more.

When we arrived in Paris it was 8am local time and I had been up all night working. I didn’t feel particularly tired when I arrived at the hotel I was just excited to be doing my first lay over. We stayed in a beautiful 4 star hotel near the Charles de Gaulle airport and when we arrived I was given an allowance in an envelope, it was so exciting. I just kept thinking that the perks keep on coming.

After a few hours nap a few of us took a taxi into the city. Unfortunately crew who have been doing this job for years sometimes prefer to hang out in their room, maybe order some room service. Which is fine, but it was my first lay over and I was dying to get out and explore Paris. Luckily there was a few crew members up for joining me, but if they weren’t I was determined to go and see the city alone. I’ve heard it’s quite common that some crew don’t want to do a lot on their layovers so I guess I better get used to it. 

We had a fantastic day walking around the city, drinking wine and eating crepes. The day went by like a flash but I had so much fun. On our way back to the hotel we stopped off at a shopping mall near the airport called Aéroville. I wish I could’ve spent longer in shopping, but I just had enough time to buy some cheese and wine, ready for my sister visiting me in Dubai the following day. I would highly recommend checking out this mall if you haven’t got a lot of time, or you’d rather not go into the city as it’s quite far.

It was time to head back to Dubai, and I was beyond excited because my sister was arriving later that evening. She planned to spend a few days visiting me before heading to Asia to travel for 6 weeks. I haven’t seen her since I moved to Dubai and Skype just isn’t the same.

Nicola x



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